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McMurray/Vascil Take Home Plantation Challenge Title

There's been a lot of news in the world of golf today, but I'd like to take a second to acknowledge exactly what transpired over this past weekend.

The McMurray Metals Scramble Tour held one of its smaller events at Plantation Golf Course, who deserve an updated review because they fixed their greens- They sucked a few months ago, and now they have grass on em.

Going into the day it seemed like every team was fairly even, at least based on the season's standings at the time. That quickly fell apart as Chris McMurray and myself (not writing in third person, it was weird enough doing it in the title) proceeded to have one hell of a day, shooting a 75 (which is great for us), and coming away victorious by more than a handful of strokes.

Paired up with the winners were the duo of West/Lago, who once again put together a solid round, but found their games were too similar for a good scramble team.

The second group of the day featured Alex Will and "Uncle" Mark, as well and Johnny Markham and Koa Rapoza.

Through 7 it seemed like Mark and Alex were going to keep up pace with the leaders, but then they shot an 8, which is really hard to do in a scramble. Especially when we play double par. So they double parred on a par 4.

Not to be outdone, Koa said he and Johnny got a 10. A double digit score. One hole. I can't really say much because I've been there, but I just felt it was worth mentioning. Otherwise people might be like "whoa how did you win shooting 3 over?" It's because none of us are good. There's potential, but we aren't there yet. Ryan is good, but he didn't play on Sunday. He's got a family. I get it.

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