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Moore, Markham Take Home Opening Weekend

The McMurray Metals Scramble Tour kicked off opening weekend at Ridgeview Ranch to a lot of fanfare, and Sunday definitely lived up to the hype, as number 1 ranked Ryan Moore and dark horse Johnny Markham held the lead from start to finish.

"Don't let Ryan tell you we only used his balls," Markham said in the clubhouse after bragging about his team's 5-over par. "We used a lot of my shots. There's no way we win if I don't hit some of those, because Ryan really hit some shitty ones occasionally."

Koa and "Uncle Mark" finished a stroke behind the leaders, needing a birdie on 18, and falling just short. "It's whatever," a slightly inebriated Koa said. "We'll get em next week".

Kyle Roach and Tanner (last name unknown, I didn't ask) also finished a stroke behind the leaders, which is causing many people to rethink whether or not Kyle gets to bring his own buddy to play with. The rules clearly state the best guy has to play with the worst guy, and Kyle's buddy was pretty good. I'm calling BS.

Joe Risoli and Justin Stroud turned a lot of heads on Sunday, as the two of them finished just a pair of strokes back from the top. Perhaps if the two get paired up again we could see some fireworks.

Alex Will, and his buddy Nick were solid, which is kind of a shock. I have a video of Alex shooting from our tee-box onto his green, and the fact that he was on our box led me to believe it was going into a house. However, the kid parked it 12 feet away, and then dropped a bird, so what do I know?

Alex's brother, Brandon, and Chris McMurray finished with a respectable 82. The tour is named after Chris, so he's going to eventually rig it to get the best partner to win without it being obvious. I don't blame him.

Josh West and Kevin Lago were the sneaky pick in Vegas, as both guys have the potential to hit some quality shots. Unfortunately, they just couldn't put together any birdies. Look for the two of them to play together more in the coming weeks.

Garrett Vascil (I hate writing in third person) and Chase Nichols shot a 90. I don't need to go into too many details as to what happened. There's no point. I have nothing to learn from this experience except that I love having fun, and golf is fun.

Congratulations to the winners. Enjoy the moment.

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