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Shots 'R Us win John McMurray Classic after electric playoff finish

The first annual John McMurray Classic kicked off over the weekend, and to call it a success would be doing a disservice to everyone involved. From start to finish, nobody could have asked for a better day, aside from the few teams struggling to keep it close.

While it would be easy to jump right into the results, let's take a second to recognize the time, effort, and energy spent by those who made this event possible.

Days before the event, which was scheduled to take place at The Bridges in Gunther, TX, Tour President Chris McMurray was notified by the course that the tournament would not be held at their course. Without hesitation, Mr. McMurray got on the horn and made things happen. Within hours, the tournament had been completely relocated to The Trails of Frisco, and tee times were pushed back ever so slightly. Not enough credit has been given to the man who kept things from falling apart, but he deserves a ton of credit and praise for all he did (and does) for this tour.

Of course, that is only a fraction of the work to put this thing together. For the first time this season the McMurray Metals Tour held a draft, allowing "middle of the pack" captains to select a squad of their choosing.

There were a lot of questions about the selections by the captains, but ultimately the teams ended up being quite fair, as three teams headed to hole 19 for a playoff chance at glory.

Shots 'R Us, Tin Cup, and 3 Lefts Make a Right, all finished the day at a respectable 68, forcing the President to make a tough decision.

"We didn't really plan for what we would do in the event of a tie," McMurray told the press. "Fortunately, the clubhouse said we could play 9 and 10 again if we needed to, and we took advantage of that."

Due to logistical reasons, many spectators weren't able to see the playoffs, causing team members to become uneasy as they waited for the result.

"I'm glad we won, but I would've killed in a putt-off," said Josh Vascil, hours after making a birdie putt once that he wouldn't stop talking about. "I was about 25 feet away, and nobody else was going to make it. I was ready for my shot again, but I will take the trophy."

Shots 'R Us was led by team captain Alex Will, who was the first to take credit for his team's victory. "This doesn't happen if I don't pick these guys. A lot of captains would've picked people who weren't going to win, which they obviously ended up doing."

At one point it looked as though a playoff wasn't going to be needed, as 3 Lefts Make a Right needed a birdie on 18 to win going away. Fortunately for Shots, that didn't happen.

"I'm just happy to be here," said playoff participant, and champion Eric Dzurisin. "Can't wait for the next."

"It feels good to win," added Alex's brother, Geoff. "I'll probably win the next one, too."

"This was probably the best one yet," said McMurray. "We might have to start limiting these things to 28-32 people, because it's just becoming a lot."

When asked about future events, McMurray quickly added "next one is going to be September 23rd."

If this past weekend was any indication of what's to come, we can only expect the next tournament to be nothing short of spectacular.

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