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Three's Company Takes Home The Title

Another month has passed, which means another McMurray Metals Tour Scramble has come and gone. Tragically, your boy was too busy with work to put together a full recap of what transpired a few weeks ago at Pecan Hollow. I've got some time now, so here it goes.

The day began like most Saturdays on this tour do. Groups of men grabbed some coffee, and headed to the range to loosen up. All was right with the world.

Then, someone (who won't be mentioned, but we all know who it is because he told Josh West he wasn't going to play, but didn't tell Chris...) decided to not show up. The entire tour was scrambling for a body to fill these gigantic but empty shoes. The only solution we could come to was allowing this new team of three (who had a teammate stolen from them, per Chris' directions) to rotate the fourth shot.

Well guess who ended up winning the whole gosh darn thing. The team of three. The team that had a guy see a ball, get a feel, and go again, won. What's worth mentioning is that this team begged and pleaded with Chris to remain a four man team. Chris declined. It's his tour, his rules. I get it. We all do.

Anyway, defending Champion Joshua Vascil and his squad (Kevin Lago, and myself) got off to a really hot start. I don't know how this guy (Joshua) ends up on great teams every time. Perhaps it's the good vibes he puts out there. Maybe it's the incredible confidence he instills that gives his guys the edge. Whatever it is, the kid did it again.

Through the front nine, the three man squad was -5, after nailing an eagle on 9. It was amazing. I put the ball maybe 8 feet from the hole, and then Kevin just drops it. We went nuts. We looked back at Alex and his team, and they were in that kind of happy, but also "eff those guys" mood.

Right on our tail all day was Chris, Eric, our former teammate Mikey (who was stolen from us), and Seth. Seth just got into golf a few months ago, and as a natural athlete he is already not the worst guy on the tour. I'd go as far to say that he's actually pretty solid. If he's the worst guy on your team, you've got a pretty good chance to win.

So Chris and friends were just on fire for a stretch. Josh, Kevin, and I were sweating bullets when we were going through a string of pars. It seemed as though it was a matter of "when" not "if" they'd catch us. For whatever reason, they didn't. The Threesome finished -6, and the Muffin Men were -4.

Those were the two teams at the top, but for the first time all season every team shot at or below par.

Bobby, Chase, Ryan, and Uncle Mark tied with Dakota, Justin Lee, Dayne, and half of Koa with a respectable 69.

Johnny, Nick, and the Wills Geoff and Alex finished off with an even 72. Although they ended up in dead last, they still shot par. That's nothing to scoff at.

Looking back at the season thus far, it's cool to see how far everyone has come. When this tour started we had guys shooting in the mid 70s thinking they still had a chance to win. Now, it looks like teams are going to have to play their best if they want the cash prize.

Buckle up for November 4th.

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