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Vegas Favorites Need Playoff To Secure Tournament Win

First off, I have to once again commend the Tour President/Founder/CEO, Chris McMurray, for putting together what was one of the more memorable events of the 2023 Golf Season. Most people think these tournaments happen by way of magic, or some sort of golf fairy puts together 8 consecutive tee times, and negotiates with the course to allow us to have playoff holes if need be. Fortunately, the boys on tour know that our fearless leader works night and day to keep up the prestige of the MMT. This weekend was no exception.

There was a lot of uproar leading into the tournament after some late team switches turned a former long-shot into the no-doubt favorite, but everyone seemed okay with team captain Seth Mullis being replaced by professional golf instructor, and former college golfer Sean Speed. To nobody's surprise, Chris, Bobby, Sean, and Koa ended up winning, but it definitely wasn't an easy win.

"Losers whine. Winners get to f*** the prom queen" - Sean Connery

Things were close throughout the entire day, with the entire field playing steady golf as they made the turn. Johnny's team (which I was a part of, and it was glorious) had the early lead through nine, but only by a stroke. To make things a bit more challenging, the fourth member of the team, John Vascil, had some back spasms forcing him to stick to shots on or near the green. It was nothing short of a devastating blow, and we just couldn't keep up the momentum. I can't tell you how many 300 yard bombs from Justin Lee we wasted. Makes me sick to think about.

The team selected by Chase Nichols featured Ryan Moore, Jordan Rupprecht, and Justin Stroud. On paper, this team wins every tournament up to this point (aside from this one). After an okay front 9, these boys caught fire and forced a playoff where they would ultimately fall short, missing a 30 foot putt that would have forced another playoff. I don't want to get into it too much, because I'm sure it hurts, but these fellas played great, and shouldn't be down on themselves after what they did.

One team that can be down on themselves is the team put together by my brother Joshua. After selecting Mikey with his first pick (second overall), he followed it up by selecting Josh West and Joe Risoli. Things were fine through the first few holes, as they were -1 after 4. Then, the wheels fell off. Bogies piled up, and they just couldn't find the birdie train. I'm sure the beers made up for things afterwards.

Alex Will, Kevin Lago, Brandon Coake, and Uncle Mark had the most bizarre day of any group out there, racking up 6 birdies to go with 4 bogies. Had there been a little more consistency, they could've ran away with the whole thing. You wouldn't guess it by looking at him, or talking to him, but Alex Will is actually a really good golfer.

Geoff Will, Dakota Wilson, Nick Pualaun, and Dayne Rapoza were the last group of the day, and aside from a few bad holes, they too could've won the whole thing. For crying out loud, they were only two back from the lead when all was said and done. I don't think anyone at the clubhouse realized just how close these guys were to victory.

At the end of the day, Chris' team won, and everyone had a good time. I guess technically it was Seth's team, but he had to deal with an oddly timed blood-clot situation. While we all definitely think it was a real thing, it's just weird how it happened the day before the tournament. Is the MMT fixed? Who knows, but people are asking questions.

Also, we really do hope Seth is doing better. He wasn't faking a blood clot. I was just making a joke.

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